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Rear Projection Interactive Whiteboard:

Keywords:Rear Projection Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Projection Screen

Projection Magnetic Glass Whiteboard1.Non-glare,magnetic,projection2.Clear projector screen3.Easy write,wipe up4.CE certification5.Format:4:3;16:96.Interactive GLASS WHITEBOARD:1.Nonglare,the projection screen is better than the all Projection screens and Projection board which now existing in the market.Also better than the same size of Hd television receiver.2.Good write and easy wipe up directly without any trace3.Magnetic,can absorb notes on the board4.It is not be abraded , can keep new su ...>>more
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Electric Screen

Projection system£ºorthographic projectionAppearance sharps: square (quadrilateral), octagon, hexagon (use the 0.6mm Cold-Strip Steel material)Material of screen surface: matte white, grey matte white, glass beaded, grey glass beadedControls£ºPower switch, Wireless remote control£¨Equipped with three buttons£ºup, stop, down£©Plug Power£ºArbitrary national standard plugs£¬110V£­127V/220V£­240VMotor: Synchronous motor, Tubular motor (pass the certification of UL, CE & ROHS)Use the exce ...>>more
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Projection Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Whiteboard long use life more than 10years, anti reflective,non glare whiteboard. protecting eyes.GLASS Whiteboard(1) Applicable for projection and marker writing and erasing, magnetic(2) Nonreflective and nonglare, protect your eyes(3) Maximum Size 2400x1200mm(4) Advanced technology, enviromental product, long last life(5) First choice for classroom and officeGlass writing projection board, toughened glass, anti-reflective frosted glass, magnetic,High hardness, anti-scratch, erasable, non-defor ...>>more
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Interactive Whiteboard

Glass whiteboard:Anti-reflective magnetic glass whiteboard:well writing and dry erase,Scratch whiteboard:1.easy writing by marker. 2.good performace on dry-wipe, no need to clean with wet cleanser termly.Still very easy to erase after any some days.3.tought glass,anti-scrape,safty to use. 4.magnetice be option.5.much longer use life time than common  white board.Type: Whiteboard  Whiteboard Type: Standard Whiteboard  Brand Name: KING    Place of Origin: ...>>more
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Interactive Glass Projection Whiteboard

Anti-reflective magnetic glass whiteboard:well writing and dry erase,Scratch Resistance,clear projection whiteboard:1.Has the function of magnetic writing board. 2.good performace on mark pen writing and dry-wipe, no resistate left and no need to clean with wet cleanser termly.3.simple and compact. can suffer heavy weight and impact forward. 5.much longer use life time than normal coating white board.6. clear projector screenIdeal furniture suppliers and equipment for classroom ...>>more
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