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Cork Board Set

Cork Board Set (September 11, 2012)

Preparing your child for an organization bulletin board is one of the important lessons in life. The King Cork Board Set comes with pins (18 total) as well as a great style which will fit into most any home decor.

When you are considering this item please remember push pins may not be safe for younger children. If the child is younger you may find a better solution for them in the list at the bottom of this page (look for the magnetic styles instead of cork).

This is a dense cork constructed board which uses push pins (included) so you can post memos, schedules, reminders, contact information and more. Give your child the opportunity to build good organizing skills and provide them with a place to find your most recent note to them.

Consider the child's age as this system uses push pins

Push Pins are included with this board (18 total = 12 small and 6 medium size)

Dense material for durability

Great tool to teach children how to organize their chores, homework, or after school activities

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