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Anodized Aluminum Frame Whiteboard:

Anodized Aluminum Frame Whiteboard

Anodized Aluminum Frame Whiteboard

Model No :AFW-34
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Detailed Product Description

Aluminium frame polyester whiteboard wallmount, concealed corner fixings
Board Size Colour Writing Medium
900h x 600w Silver anodised Liquid chalk
Commercial budget whiteboards:           
Anodised alumium frames with plastic pen trays.                    
Polyester/acrylic.  We use this medium because:          
It can be used outdoors  UV and weather resitant           
Easy to clean - nil residual ghosting           
Most suitable for liquid coloured chalk           
Lightweight yet resilient, therefore  easy  to fix to wall and ship anywhere in Australia.           
Special sizes made to order.                   
Sizes available:           
    600 x 400          1200 x 600
    900 x 600          1200 x 1200
    900 x 1200        1200 x 1500
    900 x 1500        1200 x 1800
    900 x 1800        1200 x 2100
    900 x 2100        1200 x 2400
    900 x 2400      
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