Whiteboards Applications

Our whiteboards, glass boards, bulletin boards and other stationery products cover a wide variety of different applications, including offices, schools, educational institutions, universities, health care facilities, businesses, home use, sports teams, architects, designers, contractors, churches and individuals.

whiteboard applications


Schools & Education

BoardLine Inc. manufactures a range of products that are necessary and highly useful in any school or learning environment. Regardless of whether your teaching lays in nursery, primary, secondary or even tertiary schools, we are sure to have the products you need. We are the manufacturers of education grade whiteboards, pinboards and a range of variations that make teaching your students that little bit easier. For example, we can create music stave whiteboards for music classes and term or year planners for use in staff rooms. These custom boards are created by applying a design to a whiteboard through vinyl cutting (the most cost effective, as the coloured grid will only be semi-permanent), laser engraving (permanent, but can only be completed in black), or digital printing (which involves the design being printed onto a vinyl sheet and then laminated to the surface of a whiteboard).

For classrooms that are prone to creating an excessive amount of noise (such as the music, drama and woodwork rooms) or those that border onto noisy areas of the school (such as the yard, gyms and corridors), you could use complete wall acoustic pinboards to muffle incoming and outgoing sound. These pinboards are also handy for displaying student work and important notices. As the technology used in teaching is ever evolving, we are also able to manufacture a low gloss (or anti-glare) whiteboard that can be used in conjunction with more interactive technologies (such as projectors). This makes it much easier on teaching staff who do not have to move their students in order to use technology.

whiteboard for Schools & Education


Building Contractors

BoardLine is able to help building contractors with the supply of a range of products that are both necessary and useful onsite and in the office. No matter what sort of contractor you are – commercial, residential, carpentry, joinery and so on – we are able to help by fitting out your workplace for the most efficient workflow.

We manufacture a range of whiteboards and pinboards that are useful both onsite or back in the office, and they are available in a range of sizes so you can be sure to find one to suit your space. If you find that our standard size products are unsuitable, we also create custom boards to suit your desired specifications, meaning that you can fit a pinboard in that awkward space beside the door.

We also offer onsite measuring, regardless of your location; a member of our helpful and knowledgeable team will travel out to meet you and measure up all the spaces that you wish to have whiteboards and pinboards installed. Not only can you be sure that your measurements will be correct, it saves you the hassle of having to do this yourself.

And, once we have made up your custom boards, we will come back out to your site or office and install them all for you. This can take away the hassle of trying to find the time to do it yourself, and we guarantee that we will undertake all installations in a professional and long lasting manner.

whiteboard for Building Contractors


Corporate Businesses

BoardLine is the manufacturer of a range of products that are necessary and beneficial in getting a corporate business to run as smoothly as possible. It doesn’t matter what sort of business you’re in – retail, food, stocks – we can help you out with the products you need.

We manufacture a range of whiteboards and pinboards or all sizes that can be installed in meeting rooms, offices and reception areas with ease. They are also available in a range of sizes, meaning that you are sure to find a board that suits your space. If our standard sizes are not suitable for the area you have in mind, we also offer custom boards that are designed according to your specifications, so you can rest assured that you will get the perfect fit.

For more creative office spaces, you might like to consider one of our full wall whiteboards. These can be made according to the measurements of an entire wall of your workplace, making designing or creating mind maps that much easier, as you can spread it out.

In the same way, if your office borders a noisy area (such as a car park or loud corridor) or you are known to make a large amount of noise as a part of your day-to-day business, you might also like to consider our full wall acoustic pinboards. Not only will this block incoming and outgoing noise, it gives you an additional display and brainstorming space.

whiteboard in Corporate Businesses


Medical Institutional

BoardLine manufactures a variety of products that are essential for the smooth operation of and communication within medical institutes. It doesn’t matter what medical profession you work in – hospitals, clinics, rehab, therapy or doctor’s surgeries – we are sure to have the products you need. Some of the specific medical whiteboards that we are able to provide include: patient room, patient and triage status, room coverage, nurse’s station, nurse and staff assignment, surgery schedule, surgery count, operating room planner, rehab and therapy schedules, therapy and radiology planners, labor progress, and patient admissions.

If none of the above whiteboards for hospital rooms are able to accommodate your needs, we can custom make one to fit. Custom patient whiteboards will be laser engraved (which is permanent and can only be applied to vitreous enamel surfaces), as this will help to avoid the stains and marks that come with such a high usage environment.

These days, patient whiteboards are being introduced into most wards. They are being used to promote communication between the patient and the nurses and doctors caring for them. These practices have been found to increase patient satisfaction, as well as to improve communication.

The information conveyed through hospital whiteboards communication includes: the patient’s preferred name, nurse’s and doctor’s names, care plan goals (such as pain management), planned discharge date, and the patient’s preferences, questions and concerns.

whiteboard in Medical Institutional

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