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  • Aluminum frame White Markerboard F-sytle

Aluminum frame White Markerboard F-sytle, Anodized Aluminum frame Dry Eraser Whiteboard, Single Side Dry-wipe magnetic whiteboard, Wall Mounted Magnetic Dry Erase Markers & Eraser | Easy to Clean Wall Whiteboard for Kids, Home, Office, School

Aluminum frame White Markerboard F-sytle Feature:

1- Single Side Aluminum Frame Magnetic Whiteboard (Dry-wipe board).

2- White color Magnetic dry-wipe steel surface and galvanized steel sheet at the backside.

3- Anodized silvery-white Aluminium frame.

4- Some types of ABS protective corner for your choice.

5- Pen tray at the bottom (usually 45cm length).

6- High resistant corrugated cardboard and soft board as middle filler.

7- Same price for chalk green board and blackboard.

Model Size(mm) Qty Outside box size(mm) G.W.(kg)
FWH-3045 300*450 10pcs/carton 320*220*480 7.7
FWH-4560 450*600 10pcs/carton 470*220*630 15.39
FWH-6090 600*900 10pcs/carton 620*220*930 30.78
FWH-9012 900*1200 5pcs/carton 1215*115*930 30.78
FWH-9015 900*1500 5pcs/carton 1515*115*930 38.47
FWH-9018 900*1800 1pcs/carton 1815*920*35 9.23
FWH-1212 1200*1200 1pcs/carton 1230*1210*35 8.2
FWH-1215 1200*1500 1pcs/carton 1230*1510*35 10.26
FWH-1218 1200*1800 1pcs/carton 1230*1810*35 12.31
FWH-1224 1200*2400 1pcs/carton 1230*2410*35 16.42

Quality: Specialized technician and inspector guarantee the product quality. We can insure all the goods before delivery have a perfect condition. At the same time, our customer service team will offer professional suggestions and good after sale service.Friendly Reminder:
1.Please remove clear the protecting film from the writing surface before use. (Use a knife and cut along the board frame. Tear film a little from the board corner and then take off the film step by step)
2.Please use good quality whiteboard markers (water-based). Oil-based markers are forbidden.
3.Please do not erase until a break of 10 seconds after writing. Otherwise it may affect cleaning.
4.Whiteboard cleaner would be more helpful to wipe off.
5.Boards must be put in a VERTICAL way instead of horizontally.
6.Boards are fragile and not so good for courier delivery. Please handle with care in transit.

Price: As for the advantage of manufacturer, we can provide you the factory directly competitive price.

THE ULTIMATE STAIN-RESISTANT DRY ERASE HANGING WHITEBOARD is finally here! Unlike all those cheaply-made dry erase wall organizers that leave frustrating stains, our erasable white board for all cleans up easily without any stains! F Type Anodized Aluminum frame Dry Eraser Whiteboard
GET A GREAT VALUE WHITEBOARD SET including 5 COLORFUL DRY ERASE MARKERS + 1 ERASER, to offer you everything you need to write in one COMPLETE SET! Save money on buying separately all your writing or drawing tools and make the right choice with a tremendous value dry erase board kit!
WRITE, DRAW OR PLAN YOUR EVENTS on a decorative dry erase board hanging graciously on your wall! In the perfect hardness for better scratch resistance, it makes a long-lasting office, work, school, preschool or sports event planning whiteboard. Or, just your kids’ dry erase board to host their imaginative drawings!
OFFER A STUNNING GIFT to your toddler, teenaged kid, loved student, office worker or teacher and have them thankful for your excellent choice! Help them get their message across with a multipurpose dry erase board organizer, using it as an event planner board or a learning whiteboard and put a wide smile on their face!
OUR GOAL is to make your life much easier and organized with this dry erase board. If you have any issues with the board, please message us through Amazon and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy 🙂

  • Affordable price
  • Customized design is Available
  • T/T, L/C, other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • Quality guaranteed
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