Fabric Message Bulletin Felt Cork Board with Aluminum Frame

/Fabric Message Bulletin Felt Cork Board with Aluminum Frame
  • Fabric Message Bulletin Felt Cork Board with Aluminum Frame

Fabric Message Bulletin Felt Cork Board with Aluminum Frame, Non-Magnetic Aluminum Framed White Cork Bulletin Board Double Side Felt Notice Board, Bulletin Felt Covered Cork Pin Board, Display Your Notes with Bulletin Boards & Cork Boards

Fabric Message Bulletin Felt Cork Board with Aluminum Frame Part No. FCB-01

(1) Aluminum frame with ABS corner
(2) 1.5mm cork or felt surface
(3)8mm soft board back
(4) Movable hangers go with each board

Sample Policy :
Our highly creative team releases many new styles regular to satisfy market demands.
1) If we are the first cooperation, customers are requested to charge the samples and shipping cost, but the sample cost will full return when bulk orders.
2) If you become our old customer, we will send you new designs and won’t charge you the sample fee and shipping fee.

OEM Specification :
Customized logo Yes
Customized Package Yes
Customized Size Yes
Customized new model Yes

Hexagon Felt Cork Board Tiles
It’s thicker than cork board tiles,each size 7×6.1×0.32 inch, but lighter and use longer.
Multi color felt material with EVA foam, will not shrink, deformed, fade easily.
Hexagon shape would modular to different combination according to your needs.
Not only as a memo board but also a display board or decorative board to show your favorite photos,postcards or necklace and bracelets for your office space or home décor.
Strong adhesive back , peel off the back and stich onto the smooth surface like wall, glass wall, bathroom wall etc.

DIY Felt Board
Materials for Homemade Felt Board
Framed cork board in whatever size you want your felt board to be (like this one)
Large piece of craft felt (a bit larger than your cork board)
Adhesive spray (We used All Purpose Tacky Adhesive Spray)
X-ACTO knife (Ours was similar to this.)
Push pins

Directions for Homemade Felt Board
1. Place your cork board on the floor. Lay your piece of felt over the board, lining up two of the sides exactly.
2. Use the push pins to hold your felt in place.
3. Use scissors to cut off large pieces of the extra felt.
4. Use your knife to cut your felt into the perfect shape, running it right down the inside edge of the frame.
5. Find a well ventilated area to spray on your adhesive. I placed my felt (back-side up) on some newspaper outside. Spray your adhesive, being sure to cover the entire piece.
6. Place your felt (sticky side down) onto the cork board, lining it up as perfectly as you can. (If you are doing a large board, you may want an extra pair of hands to help with this part.)
7. Go around the edges tugging and pushing the felt until it lines up nicely with the framed edge. Rub your hands across the whole board to help the felt adhere to the cork board. Use the to trim off any little parts that neat to be cleaned up.
8. Let it dry and it’s ready to go! Fixed-Type Flat Chalkboard Green Board
You can even make your own felt pieces to go with some of your favorite stories like we did with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You’ll just need some craft felt in a variety of colors, good scissors, and some glue.

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