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Metallic Tripod Flipchart Easel Stand, Tripod Double Sides Flipchart Whiteboard with extended arms, Different Types Height Adjustable Mobile Easel Flip Chart Board Stand, Magnetic Flip Chart White Board with Pad Holder

Metallic Tripod Flipchart Easel Stand Parameters:
Model Number: FC-8901-04
Type Flip Chart
Size 90×60 cm, 100x65cm or 100×70 cm
Surface Magnetic lacquered steel dry erase surface or non-magnetic melamine surface
Back MDF back
Height adjustable From 120cm to 190cm
Brand OEM, Or print your LOGO. Sample is available!!
Accessories Extended arms on both sides or not; aluminum paper clip and pen try
Packing 1 set / ctn

A flip chart is a stationery item consisting of a pad of large paper sheets. It is typically fixed to the upper edge of a whiteboard, typically supported on a tripod or four-legged easel. Such charts are commonly used for presentations.

Although most commonly supported on a tripod, flip charts come in various forms. Some of these are:

stand-alone flip chart: resembles a big isosceles triangle box that usually sits on a table. Imagine a book that you would open at 270° angle and then lay on a table. The paper is flipped from one side of the top of the triangle box to the other.
metallic tripod (or easel) stand: usually has 3 or 4 metallic legs that are linked together at one extremity. A support board is attached to two of these legs to support the large paper pad. This is the most common type of flip chart stand.
metallic mount on wheels: usually has a flat base to support the paper pad and is mounted on one or two legs that then have a set of wheels. The advantage of these more recent forms of stands is that it is easier to transport the flip chart from one location to another.
Text is usually hand written with marker pens and may include figures or charts. A sheet can be flipped over by the presenter to continue to a new page.

Some flip charts may have a reduced version of the page that faces the audience printed on the back of the preceding page, making it possible for the presenter to see the same thing the audience is seeing. Others have teaching notes printed on the back. Tripod Double Sides Flipchart Whiteboard with Retractable Arms Easel Stand

Flip charts are used in many different settings such as:
in any type of presentation where the papers pads are pre-filled with information on a given topic
for capturing information in meetings and brainstorming sessions
in classrooms and teaching institutions of any kind
to record relevant information in manufacturing plants
a creative drawing board for Art students
a palette for artists in “life-drawing” classes
for strategy coaching for sports teams
for teaching

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