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  • Whiteboard and Felt Board Combination

Whiteboard and Felt Board Combination, Felt Pin Board Dry Erase Board, Wall Mounted Whiteboard Felt Pin Board Combo with Marker Pen Tray & Hangers, Combination Message Board, Aluminium Trim Whiteboard Fabric Bulletin Boards

Whiteboard and Felt Board Combination Features:
Material: Felt Whiteboard
Type:Combination Bulletin Board
Use:Drawing Board, Message Board, Writing Board
Aluminium Frame Fabric Felt Surfaces with Push Pins
Color:Blue Or other colors
Product Size 20~30 to 120~240cm
Front side Half dry erase board and half natural cork bulletin board
Core Material 7layers cardboard/MDF/Foam/Honeycomb cardboard
Backside Anti-rust galvanized steel sheet/PP Sheet
Frame Material Anodized aluminum Or Wood
Corner Material ABS Corner
Hook Moveable triangle hook/Invisible type
Tray Moveable aluminum tray

Combo Board – Felt White Board
a board made on a cylinder machine in which one or both of the outer plies differ from the middle ply as to color or material
– Durable and resilient fabric surface never shows pin holes
– Colorful fabric suitable for using in any places
– leave messages by pinning notes or writing by marker
– avaliable in aluminum frame and wooden frame
– right/left combo, or up/down combo are available
– single side or double-signs
– can be designed in various sizes

18″ x 24″ Magnetic Gold Ultra Dry-Erase/Blue Felt Bulletin Combo Board Felt Pin Board Dry Erase Board Combo
24″ x 36″ Magnetic Gold Ultra Dry-Erase/Blue Felt Bulletin Combo Board
36″ x 48″ Magnetic Gold Ultra Dry-Erase/Blue Felt Bulletin Combo Board
48″ x 72″ Magnetic Gold Ultra Dry-Erase/Blue Felt Bulletin Combo Board

Use high quality fabric material, more than 50 different colors for choosing.
Plastic grey corner and aluminum frame, easy to write and easy to erase white surface.
Easy to leave notes by push pins, no holes left after used.

The two sides of the board could be utilized to offer two variations. That way, you don’t need removable plugs and pegs. Although that can cover 2 combinations, not 3 (or 4 if you combine variants).
For 3 players, it’s better to just play 2-player games and rotate. One match is not that long. And if the winner’s reward is to stay in play, that is a good motivations which makes it more fun.

Seems to me that a board could be designed/built to allow all three of these formats of play on one board. Pins could be removable and changeable to fit either 2/4 player or three player format (6 pins instead of 8) and the dividing lines could all be milled or grooved and perhaps different colors so as to not be confusing. The optional 4 holes for the 5 hole format could have blanks or plugs that would infill for standard format and pop out for the 5 hole variant.

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